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About Us

Handprints of Hope NICU Foundation was founded by two couples, Ben & Aimee Pennington and Jeremy & Wendy Wold.  Both couples had twins in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) for extended periods of time following premature birth.  As former NICU families, we know the stress a NICU stay can put on a family financially and emotionally.  We also know how strong support from other NICU families and our community can bring a positive light to the most difficult of times.

As a result, we have established this foundation to build a support network that allows families who have experienced the NICU firsthand to support families who are experiencing its challenges for the first time. We provide support to families financially through gas, food and hotel gift cards as well as medical bill assistance.  We also provide care packages and emotional support for local NICU families.